We unlock your brand's capability to know what shoppers are buying and why.
All with a click of a button.

Now more than ever it is crucial to understand what people are buying and why, not in months or quarters but in days.


All with a click of a button.

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Shoppers are changing the way they shop. It's time to change the way you analyze that behavior.
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Shopper insights that are reliable and actionable

Partner with Brandbook to understand the modern shopper with insights that you can act on now.

Integrate in-store and online buying behavior like never before

Connect and tie two datasets together that have previously been set in silos. In-store and Online purchases.

Scale and target your marketing to maximize on ROI

Know exactly which shoppers to reach, for what campaigns on which days.

We understand people, not panelists, let us help you win them.
Here is how:

Buying behaviour

Get insight into what people are buying, which brands and categories, where they are buying it, how much they spend and how often. All this and more when you actually need it.

Consumer Sentiment

Ask the right questions to get the feedback you need on why they behave the way they do so you understand what you need to do in order to win them.

Custom Segmentation

Segment shoppers based on trips per month, brand preferences, loyal/discount chasing and many more.

Brandbook will ensure you are reaching the shoppers that matter to you !

Providing you with a source of truth for all your marketing and sales needs.

On-demand shopper insights

In-store and online coverage of purchases

More trips per shopper

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Brandbook is a data and analytics platform that allows brands to understand their shoppers a bit better every day.