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Imagine what you could do if you knew what your buyers did last week instead of last quarter

“Monitor omnichannel shopper behaviour as and when you want to without having to wait for month-end or even end of the quarter”

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“Get omnichannel insights in a world that has changed forever. With digital adoption of shopping growing at rates never seen before.”

“Get omnichannel insights in half the time it would usually take, with more channel coverage at a fraction of the cost.”

Omni-channel view

All channels from E-commerce, to the convenience store, the big franchise stores and even independent stores.
Get it all.

Grocery Delivery
Small independent retailers
Big modern trade retailers
Both what and why
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Understand what and why without guessing

Know exactly what shoppers are buying and why they choose to do that without having to guess or assume with our trigger-based surveys matched to our purchase data.

Fast & On-demand
Trigger-based Surveys
Pricing Intel
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Faster than you can imagine !

Get the insights as and when you need it.

Weekly updates
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Technology Driven

We use the latest technology to ensure we give you what you need to grow your business.

Cloud Computing Capabilities
State of the art security
Machine Learning & AI
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Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages

Know what consumers are consuming both on and off-premise.


Stay on top with omnichannel exposure of the food industry with access to private label brands as well as non-traditional channels.

Health, Beauty and Personal Care

Find what shoppers are using to keep themselves healthy, where they buying it as well as the frequency of their visits.
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Brandbook is a data and analytics platform that allows brands to understand their shoppers a bit better every day.