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"Why not move as fast as your shoppers when it comes to what they buy from you vs your neighbour"

“Monitor omnichannel shopper behaviour as and when you want to without having to wait for month-end or even end of the quarter”

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On-demand insights

Determine what is happening when you need to know not at the end of the quarter.

Get access to our on-demand dashboard to unpack how to win shoppers and how to keep them.

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We unlock your brand's capability to know what shoppers are buying and why. All with a click of a button.
Now more than ever it is crucial to understand what people are buying and why, not in months or quarters but in days.

360 degrees view

Discover all the trips a shopper makes from dining out to home delivery and find correlations with grocery trips

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Drive double-digit growth by partnering with Brandbook

We know when your shoppers are buying from your competitors and what their most purchased meals are.

We also know how to keep them engaged.
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New item tracking

Track what sort of shoppers are buying your new items.

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Churned shoppers study

Track which shopper are moving over to your competitors and how to win them back.

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Brandbook is a data and analytics platform that allows brands to understand their shoppers a bit better every day.