DaaS I
Data as a Service
IaaS I
Insights as a Service
Consumer Sentiment /
Shopper Opinions

Your customers today might not be your customers tomorrow.

Actionable data in real-time to make decisions when they matter.

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DaaS allows you to answers business questions fast with our API access shopper data that is updated weekly. Use DaaS to get answers on cross-category behaviours that legacy solutions won’t give you so you get a deeper more holistic view of the shopper and the market.
Deep shopper understanding
Omnichannel Coverage
On the go shopper analysis
Logos & Brand

We allow your brand to uncover the most granular data about your customers’ purchases. You can know what they are buying and why.

In-store and online purchases viewed from one single lens uncovers all shopping dimensions of your customers.

Act immediately not a quarter later with our on-demand, always-on stream of actionable data.

Integrate seamlessly to the data of your consumers.

Fast and Secure

Secure and encrypted plug points to give you access to your customer insights in a matter of minutes not weeks.

Robust & Always On

Don’t just see insights at a moment in time, uncover opportunities from a continuous stream of purchasing behaviour data.


Our entire cloud based solution ensures you can get actionable basket level data quicker than any of our competitors
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Brandbook is a data and analytics platform that allows brands to understand their shoppers a bit better every day.